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Our Mission:

Local, grassroots action to support efforts to protect San Miguel County, Mora County and the surrounding region from irresponsible oil and gas development.

Why We Are Here:

The Oil and Gas Industry has already leased 300,000 acres in our region of NE NM for oil and natural gas drilling and development.

Oil and gas development is currently subject to federal and state regulations. However, these regulations are weak, filled with industry-favoring loopholes, and do not address local concerns such as impacts to water quality and quantity, air quality, noise and light pollution, public roadways, setbacks, etc. These issues are to be regulated, if at all, by County ordinance.

Currently, San Miguel County has a temporary moratorium in place until February 2013 while it develops a regulatory ordinance. Mora County has a 1-year moratorium that was approved April 2012. Even with local regulations in place, there is much evidence, some scientific and some anecdotal, that oil and gas development can have serious local negative environmental and health impacts.

While some of us would prefer otherwise, we are being told that a total ban on oil and gas development is not legally credible. As our communities work toward the larger goal of shifting the political and legal groundwork toward full protection from the hazards of the O&G Industry, we are in the meantime striving for as many protections as possible through strong local ordinance.

Who We Are:

PROTECT San Miguel County is an all-volunteer local citizen group trying to ensure that the San Miguel County O&G ordinance strongly protects the water, environment, culture, and values we cherish. We are also working with fellow citizens in neighboring Mora County to support their efforts to protect this sacred and pristine region of New Mexico.

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As the San Miguel County Oil and Gas Ordinance is being drafted and reviewed in the upcoming months, public hearing and special meetings may be scheduled. Please check this web page or the County Manager's office for updates and schedules -- 505-425-9333.

San Miguel County Commission Meetings
what: Call 24 hours ahead to get agenda emailed to you (505-425-9333)
when: Second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 PM
where: San Miguel County Commission Chambers
(old) County Courthouse
500 West National Ave. 2nd floor
Las Vegas, NM
more info: San Miguel County Web Site
Mora County Commission meetings
when: Second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM
where: Location rotates
more info: Mora County Web Site
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If you'd like more information about our effort, feel free to call or write to:

PROTECT San Miguel County
P.O Box 1752
Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701

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